And Many Others

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More, more!  These are some more who have worked on the Gemscales in one way or another.  But alas, I have no photos of them!

bulletKaren Maddalena, Marian's Aunt
bulletDerek Maddalena, Marian's cousin
bulletVirginia Casaletto (Ginny), Marian's sister
bulletNick Dioguardi, Marian's father
bulletMarie Dioguardi, Marian's mother
bulletIrina Nanushiva, Lana's friend
bulletRema Nanushiva, Irina's daughter
bulletSergei, Lana's brother
bulletVictor, Irina's husband
bulletRyan Wood, our neighbor and Brett's brother
bulletAshley Wood, our neighbor and Ryan's sister
bulletBrett Wood, our neighbor and Ashley's brother
bulletLynn Burke, 1991, who used to work for the video store downstairs
bulletMike Willett, who consulted on the customer database
bulletMike O'Gara, early DSP programmer
bulletJim Laiosa, early assistance with the calibration program
bullet Roger Marrocco, the Mask Man


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