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Rabbit, Rabbit, Rabbit -

This is what I always heard growing up - and still repeat to this day!

I grew up in New England. Winning 3 to 1, eh? I wonder if that has anything to do with The Matrix?

Er, Jefferson Airplane? (Actually, the last email was a weak attempt at humour - as was that last statement. Email tends to mangle a dry sense of humour).

Hhhmmm...well, "Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit" was something told to me as a youngster. He didn't give any real background as to WHY just that it was a good way to start the month and that it brought luck. I actually still try to do it every month - mainly because it brings back happy childhood memories...

And you? What made you start collecting rabbits?

- Richard on 2/1/2000

I started it off by going down a ski slope backwards. I hope you had a fun holiday as well. - rich

- - - - -

Eek, Rich! At midnight? Or when you first awoke? Eek! Congratulations on your tenacity. JB

- - - - -

No, in the morning - six hours ahead of EST.

Thank you.

- Richard on 1/8/2001

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